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Form Fill Seal

Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) technology is recognised as the most cost-effective and environmentally efficient high-speed packaging process for semi-liquid products.

It is a 3-part technique involving thermoforming (Form), filling (Fill) and sealing (Seal).

There are many machine types, capable of producing and filling up to 80,000 pots/hour.

The performance levels obtained by combining high output speed with low packaging weight is unbeatable in the dairy industry.

CEDAP was founded when FFS technology was first introduced, so the company has always worked hand in hand with FFS line manufacturers. Thanks to its history and to these long-term relationships, the company has acquired an in-depth understanding of all the characteristics of the materials it uses, such as width, thickness, etc. The consistent quality of CEDAP‘s products means we can always be relied upon to meet FFS requirements.

Find out why CEDAP is the expert in FFS lines.

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