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Quality & Food Safety

Food safety has always been CEDAP’s key priority ever since the company was established. It takes the combined efforts of all stages in the food supply chain to guarantee consumer safety. As such, our quality & safety policy is designed to ensure that we always meet our clients’ criteria and are constantly improving our operational processes.

CEDAP’s central Quality Department oversees compliance with standards and procedures at all production sites.

One of the key pillars of CEDAP’s food safety management system has always been the approval process for the raw materials used. CEDAP’s regulatory department ensures materials are suitable for food contact and that they comply with regulations in the countries where the end product is processed and sold.

We continually monitor applicable regulations and any food-related developments to ensure strict regulatory compliance.

Sustainable development

At CEDAP, sustainable development issues are key and the company has implemented a range of measures to protect the environment and support the circular economy.
To limit its environmental footprint, CEDAP:

 Locates its production sites to optimise shipping distances for raw materials.

 Manages energy consumption at its factories.

 Designs innovative products: CEDAP was the first company to manufacture lightweight sheets, significantly reducing packaging weight and thus environmental impact and costs for its clients.

 Applies circular economy principles: CEDAP is positioning itself as an expert in extrusion that incorporates recycling objectives.

 Raises environmental awareness among its employees.

CEDAP joined “Operation Clean Sweep” to stop the dispersion of plastic pellets in the environment.
By joining the programme, the company pledged to:

  • Inspect its production sites to prevent and treat leaks.
  • Implement internal procedures towards the objective of “zero pellet loss”.
  • Involve its employees.
  • Audit performance.
  • Comply with regulations on pellet containment.
  • Encourage its partners to pursue the same goals.

Learn more about Operation Clean Sweep :

Research & Development

Our R&D objective is to offer optimal product performance by developing innovative solutions. CEDAP is behind such innovations as two-tone or multicoloured, striped and lightweight sheets. These are flagship products on our market and constitute a major differentiating factor for our clients.

Today, CEDAP’s R&D engineers continue to develop new technical improvements to our products, such as:

  • Specific look or feel.
  • Lower density products (CedaLight TM).
  • Improved transparency.
  • New compositions for the specific mechanical characteristics our clients need.
  • Multi-layer barrier structures*

This structure is an excellent barrier for gas (O², CO²…) and water vapour. We use a layer of PE or PP to keep humidity out and maintain the weight of packaged food.

CEDAP‘s Research & Development division uses unique digital tooling design software that simulates thermoforming and VCR (vertical compression resistance) on our clients’ equipment.

Technical Support

Our technical support teams are trained in the different Form Fill Seal machines and ensure that the plastic sheeting is compatible with our clients’ production lines. Our Technical Support department can also recommend solutions to optimise packaging costs, in particular by reducing thickness or using lighter sheets.

We advise you on the various options suited to your FFS equipment and support you through the process towards obtaining the authorisations you need.

Technical support also includes assistance in the event of any sheet abnormalities. We intervene quickly to identify the cause of the malfunction and provide a solution.

Rôle & objectif du Support Technique

Un support technique, formé aux particularités des différentes machines Form Fill Seal, assure la compatibilité de la feuille plastique avec les lignes de productions des clients.

En cas de comportement anormal de la feuille, l’équipe de la CEDAP intervient rapidement, identifie les causes probables et apporte la solution pour ses clients.

Le service d’Assistance Technique accompagne aussi le client dans les premières phases d’homologation.

Optimisation de l’utilisation

Le service d’Assistance Technique préconise des solutions pour optimiser le coût de l’emballage du client à travers notamment la réduction de l’épaisseur, l’allègement de la feuille, etc.

La CEDAP informe le client sur les différentes possibilités en fonction de leur type de machine FFS et l’accompagne jusqu’à l’homologation industrielle.


Développement Technique
• Modification du toucher
• Modification de la densité (CedaLight TM)
• Modification de l’aspect visuel
• Amélioration de la transparence
• Lamination sur supports multiples
• Autres matériaux


Développement Technologique
• Réduction de coûts de production
• Tests de matériaux
• Conception numérique d’outillage pour simulation
• Simulation numérique de la RCV & thermoformage pour optimisation


Développement “produit spécifique”
• Impression, métallisation de films laminés
• Formules à la demande (aspect, caractéristiques mécaniques …)
• Couches barrières spéciales
• Spécialités clients

Qualité et environnement




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