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We work with you and our R&D and technical support divisions to design bespoke solutions that meet the demands of your markets and consumers.

We recommend the materials best suited to your products and to how they are used. Our role is also to advise you on how to optimise production.

As a food packaging specialist, particularly yoghurt, desserts and compotes, our solutions :

  • Meet the requirements of fresh food products, including use-by dates.
  • Constitute excellent H2O and O2 barriers.
  • Can be filled hot.
  • Generate significant savings while preserving product quality.

Our manufacturing process allows us to offer multiple ways to customise your sheets (striped, multicoloured, two-tone, etc.).
Choose from a vast range of colour options. Test your colour choice using our colour setting tool.

Every packaged product is unique, and CEDAP has the solution.

Mechanical characteristics

Based on the characteristics of your packaging and thermoforming machines, we determine criteria such as rigidity, snap-off functions, and impact, heat or cold resistance.

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